11-13 April 2024, Budapest


Female singers, Roma music and the boundless power of music are the themes of Ritmo’s filmprogram this year. The figures and unforgettable voices of Věra Bílá, Ida Kelarova, Omara Portoundo, Mónika Lakatos and Elis Regina emerge against a background of rural Roma communities in Central Europe, the Afro-Cuban music scene or a studio in L.A. in the seventies. A unique live cinema session by Vincent Moon accompanies Dalinda’s folk a cappella concert, in Ritmo’s 2024 production. Ritmo films of past years: Again and Again by Ábel Regős and Veronika Szász, and Mordai by Gábor Reisz and Bálint Szimler will also be screened.

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Toldi mozi

Toldi mozi is an eclectic spot of the capital, where the café transforms into a music club during nights.

Toldi Mozi